Bioinicia’s R&D member Maria Pardo went to work on encapsulation and characterization techniques for a month at the University of Minho in Portugal.

For me, as my 2nd secondment under the frame of the Fodiac project, this time I focused on analysing as well as characterizing the encapsulated particles generated by EAPG, thus obtaining new skills in particle analysis, storage and antioxidant capabilities.

I was lucky enough to be in Braga at the same time (ish!) as my colleagues so we, with other new people we met, visited some beautiful places in Braga, as well as ate some nice food at the local restaurants. We were super impressed with Santa Barbara’s garden, full of colours and good harmony. We also had time to visit the city of Guimaraes, where we learnt that the very very beginning of the Portuguese nationality and history started here!

After being able to visit, learn and meet wonderful people in one of the renowned Universities of Portugal, I cannot encourage enough people to carry out a secondment, a placement or whatever may allow them to visit different work environments and enrichen their scientific skills. I would like to thank the FODIAC project for this fab experience!