Secondment of Antonio Miguel Azevedo from Decorgel to Anfaco from 06/02/2023 to 06/03/023

As part of the FODIAC project, I had the opportunity to be with ANFACO (@Vigo, Spain) and learn about different topics related to the project’s scope.

In particular, it was a great opportunity to develop Decorgel’s knowledge about anthocyanins. As a pastry and bakery ingredient specialized manufacturer, colour is of the utmost importance, as it affects the consumer experience. This secondment was a great opportunity to develop insights on choosing the right colour for the product or to understand how to protect them from matrix physicochemical characteristics, such as pH and pasteurization.

As ANFACO has the technology, we could study the application of HighPressure Pasteurization as a potential new solution for Decorgel’s products in an innovative way to maximize our portfolio’s nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.

The ANFACO team was just very welcoming and helped with everything I needed, providing a special experience for personal growth. Thank you all.