I left Portugal on the 15th of September to start my new journey in Valencia for a research stay of three months at BIOINICIA. I was very excited to start this journey, getting to know a new city, new people, learning a new language, and of course, learning more about electrohydrodynamic processing, and electrospinning and electrospraying equipment, with the experts of BIOINICIA.

I arrived in Valencia on a sunny Sunday, just escaping the rain that had been passing through Valencia in the weeks before my arrival.

Valencia has multiple gardens, but one stands out from the rest. The Turia Garden goes through most of the city (9 km in length), as it once was a river the flowed through the heart of the city, that was diverted at the end of the 20th century due to flooding problems.

What was a catastrophe at that time, created what is now a gigantic and beautiful garden in the center of the city.

The gardens are filled with green spaces, fountains, biking lanes, running lanes, leisure spaces and football, and other sports, fields. Several cultural and gastronomic activities also take place, so there is something for everyone in these gardens.

The Turia Gardens are flanked by the Bioparc on one side, and the Oceanográfic on the other.

Through the middle of the garden, there is a beautiful bridge, called the Pont de Les Flors (the Bridge of Flowers) that easily illustrates the color and vibrancy of the city.

I also used my time to enjoy some of the typical Valencian food, namely paella, a delicious rice dish, I especially liked the one with shellfish, as well as the great weather.

But of course, the reason I went to Valencia was not, only, for the food, or the city, but for the opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge in the use of electrohydrodynamic processes and equipment to produce micro/nanoparticles (electrospraying) and micro/nanofibers (electrospinning), to optimize both the particle and fiber formation from biopolymers.

Bioinicia is an engineering company dedicated to the development and manufacture of nano and microstructured materials by electro-hydro dynamic processes (electrospinning & electrospraying) for our customers and providing premium quality equipment for the laboratory to industrial-scale processing.

During my secondment stay at BIONICIA I was able to learn about electrohydrodynamic encapsulation processes, about the electrospray and electrospinning equipment’s that they have and develop and produce, and I was also able to knowledge on how to use these equipment’s to produce optimized micro/nanoparticles and micro/nanofibers.

During my research stay, I made use of Experimental Design techniques to be able to develop and optimize microparticles and nanofibers. After optimization, I was able to incorporate a bioactive compound that can provide several health benefits to those that consume it.

My time spent at BIOINICIA was great. When I arrived, I was met by a multicultural team, with different professional and personal backgrounds, that make for a very rich team, and a great work environment. They provided all the help I needed and more, both for my work-related questions and for tips and advice to get to know the city and to enjoy my time in Valencia.

Spending these short three months in BIOINICIA was an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity that I had and that I recommend to anyone who has that chance. All around it was a great experience that provided me the opportunity to learn about electrohydrodynamic processes, encapsulation technology, and process, which in turn helps me expand my skills and knowledge, and of course to meet new, and amazing, people.

Thank you for this wonderful experience!