In November, I had the great opportunity to participate in the fodiac project as a secondment, I spent a month in Valencia at Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC).

During this experience, I acquired knowledge about nanotechnology, and I had the first approach to electrospinning and electrospraying technologies. The application of these technologies to the food sector could generate innovation in the characteristics of food, such as taste, texture, processability, and stability during shelf-life. Moreover, nanotechnologies can also improve the water solubility, thermal stability and oral bioavailability of bioactive compounds. I was really fascinated by nanotechnologies and the several opportunities that this kind of study can offer.

Valencia is a city of Spain rich in arts, history, and culture, you can not get bored. Every street offers something to do, also there is a wonderful park, the beach, museums and several places where enjoy the traditional paella or tapas.
In the laboratory, I met people from different part of the world, all of them working at different projects, it was very interesting to collaborate and understand how electrospinning and electrospraying can have applications in different fields. They really helped me and at the same time, they made me feel welcome.
It was a wonderful experience, thanks to the Fodiac, Casa Emma and CSIC-IATA I had the opportunity to participate in this project, improving my professional and personal knowledge.