A new horizon on the way

I had the opportunity to experience this secondment in Valencia in BIOINICIA company for two months.

First, I was curious about the city and the company and very enthusiastic about this opportunity to expand my horizons.  This allowed me to have a professional and personal growth that just can be achieved with these types of experiences.

Going to Valencia was great and quite easy to reach the city by plain and metro and to find a place to stay. People say networking is a must and they’re right since It was because I met Alina that works on Valencia that I was able to find a home so easily in a nice place and for an affordable rent.

Valencia for itself it’s a surprising city with beautiful gardens and nice weather (even if I catch some rain and low temperatures compared to the usual). The gastronomic culture and the tradition in this city is amazing. Also there is Oceanographic and Bioparc that are a must for people who enjoy aquatic life and African animals.

I was there during Fallas where people live very intensively 20 days where fireworks and “rockets” are present every day of the week and everyone has a little “bomb” box and a characteristic scarf that everyone uses during the festivities. Amazing statues are built in the whole city and parades are made with beautiful women dressed as the Fallas tradition demands. It ends with La Crema where all statues are burned and with a parade with people full of fireworks in every forms walk through the city.

Arriving to BIOINICIA was great since it fulfilled my expectations where everyone was very welcoming and available to help me every time and to share some nice moments also outside of work. I must thank José Lagaron that allowed me to have this secondment in his company.

Regarding the work for itself it was very good since it allowed me to improve my skills using electrospinning devices and optimize nanofibers as part of my main task related to Stabilization and improvement of the bioavailability of bioactive extracts containing polyphenols and flavones by using encapsulation technologies.

In the two months I was in BIOINICIA I was able to select the best bio-based materials to encapsulate bioactives through the production of nanofibers and to develop and characterize these materials and the respective nanofibers using electrospinning process.

In the end everything was good and I had the chance to know a new culture a new city and to experience a company environment and bring some results back home.