The Scientific Manager of FODIAC project, prof. Lorenzo Pastrana, took part last 8th of October to the VIII International Seminar about “National and International trends in the Agrifood Industry” in Viña del Mar, Chile.

The seminar was organised by CREAS – Centro Regional de Estudios en Alimentos Saludables and counted on the participation of representatives from many countries, among which the USA, Canada, Portugal and Spain. CREAS works in the innovation of the food industry creating and developing products for entrepreneurs and companies as well as organizing international occasion of discussion about the Food Industry.

During the seminar, FODIAC was introduced to the audience as an outstanding example of research in the field of nanotechnology and biotechnology. Lorenzo Pastrana explained the overall objective of the project of exploring techniques to extract bioactive molecules from food waste to be applied to develop an integrative dietary solution to tackle diabetes and the associated impairment of the cognitive function among the elderly.