Secondment of Roberto González Novas  from DomusVi (Geriatros SAU-Spain) to Lund University (Sweden)

As part of the FOCIAC project, I was seconded to Lund University (Sweden) in February-March 2023

During my visit, I was hosted by the research group led by Juscelino Tovar and Anne Nilsson, and I took part in a number of activities connected to the planning and development of clinical intervention studies, such as:

  • Experimental kitchen for the preparation of test meals
  • Participation in blood sampling for the measurements of different biomarkers
  • Visit the pilot plant of the Department of Food Technology and Nutritional
  • Visit the sensory analysis lab
  • Meeting with Ros-Marie Nilsson, manager of the Home Care for the Elderly of Lund Municipality
  • Meeting with Dr Damien Motte from the I.K. Design Center-Lund University, coordinating research projects on 3D-printing of food

In addition to my trip, I could visit the cities of Lund and Malmö in Sweden as well as Copenhagen in Denmark.