As part of the FODIAC project, I was seconded to the industrial partner ALISTAIR HOUSE (based in Bristol, UK) in July-August 2022.

During my secondment, I gained an in-depth understanding of the process of obtaining the anthocyanin-rich extract from blackcurrant pomace to be used in the intervention study with the elderly in collaboration with DOMUSVI.

I also met other FODIAC partners from the University of Reading and SONAE (Maria José, Rita and Daniela). This allowed us to carry out an organoleptic analysis of the extract and discuss the final antidiabetic and cognitive formulation.

Alistair and his family were very hospitable and welcoming. I have enjoyed being in Bristol, learning about British tradition and gastronomy, as drinking tea with milk, enjoying a beer in the pub after work, having to decide on the ingredients to go with a jacket potato… and even riskier activities such as driving on the left or starting the day with a full English breakfast!