Secondment of Ana Vilas Boas from Universidade Catolica Portoguesa (PT) to Casa Emma (IT) (17th July-6th August and 24th August – 2th October 2018)

Welcome to Casa Emma-Winery Tuscany.

An amazing reception in Casa Emma Winery. Tagliatelle with grape pomace flour tasting and meeting with Dr. Alessandro Bucalossi (Casa Emma owner), Gökhan Durmaz (University of Reading, UK) and Gabriela Matos (University of Minho , PT)

about the Fodiac project. We shared ideas and experiences about vinification and the wastes produced.

Work in Casa Emma-Winery.

Visit winery: A lab-scale equipment to analyze grapes characteristics; A fermenter for wine and an explanation by Alessio (Casa Emma worker) about the whole wine process.

Grape harvest starting.

I had the opportunity to work in grape harvest at Casa Emma and understand as it happens whole the wine process and which by-products are generated.

I had the opportunity to spend some time at UCSC, with Prof. Giorgia Spigno, a member of FODIAC project and analyze some by-products from Casa Emma.

Final remarks.

My secondment under the Fodiac Project-Marie Curie Actions represented a prestigious type of funding and I undoubtedly see it as a fundamental step in my scientific career. I could spend some time in a real company and understand the wine process and collect food by-products for the production of high-value new food ingredients. Additionally, it gave me the chance to have the wonderful experience of living for two months in “Bella” Italy.