As part of the FODIAC project, I was seconded to the scientific partner, the University of Reading (UK), during July 2022 and a quick visit in February 2023.

During the secondment, I got to know UoR, its huge Campus, and, even better, its laboratories, collaborating to experiment with blackcurrant extract (rich in anthocyanins) in food matrices but also discussing and preparing sensorial analysis tests.

I also had the chance to visit the facilities of the partner A&R House and the supplier THATCHERS, which allowed me to understand better the process of obtaining the extract. We got to carry out a small organoleptic test of the first beverage formulations achieved with the extract, involving not only Alistair but also Paula from ANFACO. We discussed opportunities and implications of the antidiabetic and cognitive formulation.

The experience of being in Reading was incredible! In addition to being able to experience the work from a scientific partner point of view, I was also able to enjoy the city and its traditions (most memorable? maybe a simple and unexpected one – the caterpillar cake). Being close to London, I was still able to visit several enigmatic points and experience both the scorching heat and the bitter cold. Among the many high points of this secondment, the quick coffee breaks and sharing/exchanging adventures with Maria José, who welcomed me so kindly, are definitely worth mentioning!