As part of the FODIAC project, I was seconded to the scientific partner of the University of Reading (UK), during July 2022.

During the secondment, I had the opportunity to get to know Our huge and green Campus. I learned quite a lot with Lynne Bell, one of the members of the cognition centre at UOR, about dietary interventions to improve cognitive function and the tests applied in this area.

I also had the chance to visit the facilities of the partner A&R House and the supplier THATCHERS, which allowed me to understand better the process of obtaining the extract. I met Alistair and Paula from ANFACO, even participated in an organoleptic test, and discussed the first beverage formulations achieved with the extract.

The secondment to Reading was beyond great! It was super interesting to learn about an area so different from mine (life sciences vs economics) and the ability to experience another work reality and the region’s traditions.

As Reading is very well located and within walking distance of London and other interesting cities, I got to know different points of interest in the area. There were several adventures during this period in the UK, but the best part was being able to tell them and exchange experiences with Maria Jose over coffee or drink after work. She is simply the sweetest!