I started my secondment in April 2022 at the Food Processing and Nutrition Group, at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), located in Braga (North of Portugal).

Since my early stages of university studies, my professional career has always been focused on the research of micro and nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds with application in the food and food supplement industries. FODIAC has given me the opportunity to work with Dr Pastrana’s research group on the encapsulation of different polyphenols. The INL is an example of the good life quality in Braga. There are spacious facilities, modern equipment, and the best people.

My one-month stay at Braga gave me the opportunity of meeting young researchers like me and also enjoy the culture, food and people of this region of Portugal. It is remarkable the really nice Santa Barbara’s garden, full of colours and aromas and the impressive baroque stairs, more than 100 meters in height, of the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary.

I had already been abroad during my doctorate studies and it has always been a very enlightening experience. In this case, in the framework of the FODIAC project, it has also been so. It is a really good initiative to fund this type of exchange between European research groups and I hope that we can get more funds for these intra-community activities.