Bioinicia´s R&D members Maria Pardo and Alberto Chiva spent a month at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)in Portugal within the frame of FODIAC.

Within the frame of FODIAC project, the INL gave us the opportunity to work in a lab in which we could fully study and characterize the feasibility of encapsulated antioxidants, whilst improving their stability and bioavailability. During our secondment, we focused on analysing the encapsulated antioxidant particles generated with electrohydrodynamic processing, thus obtaining new skills on material characterisation which have already been useful for us and for Bioinicia S.L

Overall, the time spent at INL was short but fruitful, and the study carried out for both of us will certainly contribute to the development of integrative dietary solutions of current foods in the market. However, not everything was work! We spent our weekends and evenings strolling around the city and enjoying the places that this city offers, as well as the amazing food.

People were very nice and welcoming and so we felt like home since day one. Furthermore, we were there in Christmas time so we could also enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights spread all over the city!